Meet An Ardent Lover of Sports &Theater in The USA!

There are many people who love arts and sports in the world. They like to remain mentally healthy and physically fit. They appreciate art and they consider themselves fortunate to be a part and parcel of this interest in theirs. Such individuals are not only physically fit but they are emotionally balanced as well.

Apparao Mukkamala is the perfect example of such an individual who is deeply in love with theater and sports. In fact, he is a student of theater in Oklahoma and considers himself very fortunate to learn the nuances of both classic and contemporary theater. When it comes to theater, he says that he never misses live performances. Theater has a deep personal appeal and it has the ability to touch not only the minds but the hearts of the targeted audience as well.  The best part of theater is that it carries a social message. You as a member of the audience are able to view different perspectives in a constructive manner. Therefore, he always encourages his peers to watch theater. This helps them not only with entertainment but with education as well.

Sports- development of your body 

He says theater helps in mental development as it improves your language skills and listening ability. However, just feeding the mind is not enough. It is crucial for you to at least engage in some kind of physical activity. There are many people who find working out in the gym alone a boring affair. Some are so lazy that they do not feel motivated to get into some kind of physical activity. It is important for them to break barriers and get into sports. Team sports like football, basketball, cricket etc., are very popular when it comes to breaking monotony and boredom. The best part of these team sports is that you are motivated and inspired to play.  When you see the performance of your other team mates you effectively feel the urge to do well. This goes a very long way when it comes to staying fit.

He also says that daily sports help you to remain emotionally balanced as well. When you are into some physical activity, you will find that you feel happy. The feel -good hormones in your body are released and this helps you in large way to stay positive. If you are a student, it is crucial for you to be engaged in some kind of sport or physical activity as the pressures of study are stressful today. The moment you start playing, you see changes in your body. You remain fit and feel good. This helps you to improve your self-esteem in a very large and positive way, he says.

Apparao Mukkamala is a student who loves to encourage his love for theater and sports to his peers. He says that thanks to his primary interests he is physically fit and mentally happy. He also likes playing casino games and in his spare time, he plays them with passion especially poker and roulette!

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